Our Candle Vessels

Beautiful and luxurious browse our shop staples or choose from a variety of limited edition candle vessels. No matter your style you're sure to find something you will love!

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Our Candle Wax

Our custom wax is an exciting custom blend that combines soy wax, other vegetable waxes, and food-grade paraffin. It provides outstanding cold and hot scent throw. You won't even have to light your candle to fill a room with fragrance. It holds more fragrance than most waxes on the market. It burns clean and evenly, and it has a nice creamy and glossy appearance.

Luxury Fragrances

Our scent blends are handcrafted in-house. You will never find these anywhere else. They are made from the finest oils, never diluted, and have an excellent scent throw in all of our candles. 

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